Do not risk this,This is why you need fenders

Here are some photos of the damage caused when you boat is not correctly protected when tied to a  pontoon, the tie on fenders had bounced on top of the pontoon and the boat was left banging against the aluminium whaler.

This is a 2012 24 foot Bostun Whaler that is now in need of some Gelcoat repair work.

We fitted today our Round Pro Fender Super Fenders with Carpet Chaffing covers, at least once its repaired there wont be any further damage.

Runaway Bay Pontoon Fenders

Gold Coast Pontoon Fenders

Supplied and installed 13.5 meters of round Pro Fender Super Fender today at Paradise point, as well as a 1.0 meter return for corner protection, also fitted carpet chaffing covers.

Hamilton Island Pontoon Fenders

Attached are photos of some of the numerous marina berths we have completed at Hamilton Island, all are in Closed Cell Foam with various coloured Chaffing covers.

Hamilton Island marina exclusively recommend Pro-Fender Super Fenders as their preferred fender system.

Sanctuary Cove Pontoon Fenders

Super Fenders with Carpet Chaffing Covers fitted at Sanctuary Cove.

12.0 meter Superior pontoon fitted with Closed cell Super Fenders and carpet chaffing covers to protect a 50 foot vessel.