Super Fender 2These round pontoon fenders offer your vessel maximum protection. Hence the name: SuperFender.

ProFender SuperFender consists of a 235mm round closed-cell foam core (Zero Water Retention)

The SuperFender by ProFender comes with a first-grade marine carpet chaffing cover which has been designed to be zipped off and replaced if/when required.

All ProFender products (including the SuperFender) are individually made to order.

D Fender

D FenderProFender manufactures pontoon fenders and jetty fenders to suit all needs.

We have designed a D-Fender that can be fitted entirely around the pontoon or jetty including all pylon extrusions.

The D-Fender has a unique D shape which is 100mm deep at the highest point that gives maximum protection from a minimal size and has an unobtrusive appearance.

The D-Fender is manufactured with closed-cell foam (Zero Water Retention) and comes with a first-grade marine carpet chaffing cover.

All ProFender products (including the D Fender) are individually made to order.

ProFender has lead the industry in Quality, Innovation and Design for over 15 years, we are committed to constant research and development to remain the industry leaders.