Gold Coast Pontoon Fenders

Supplied and installed 13.5 meters of round ProFender SuperFender today at Paradise point, as well as a 1.0 meter return for corner protection, also fitted carpet chaffing covers.

Pontoon Fenders on the Gold Coast is supplying and installing the ProFender and SuperFender at highly competitive prices. These custom pontoon fenders are affordable and of exceptional quality. We have the most dependable products that are designed to provide you with complete functionality. We always have the best products to offer. Our products are available at reasonable prices, and you can get them delivered to your preferred location in no time. The custom pontoon fenders are designed to suit any model, marine structure, and marina.

These pontoon fenders are light in weight and can be installed easily. It is designed to give your boat an attractive flush look. The high-quality fasteners provide complete security, and the structure of the pontoon fender is designed to make functionality easy. The quality of the product serves you with durability. We have a team of professionals that supplies and installs pontoon fenders with relative ease. All the products that we provide are meant to meet your specific needs.

Your boat is protected completely with this pontoon fender and serves it with the convenience of function. The materials used to manufacture pontoon fenders in Gold Coast are just exceptional. We are not just providing high-quality pontoon fenders but also offer reliable installation services. At Pontoon Fender, we have different sized pontoon fenders available for you. We make sure you get served with the finest products that are grease resistant.

The strength of the product is exceptional, and no harmful bacteria can cause harm to the surface of pontoon fenders. We always provide the best products that you can buy at reasonable prices. No matter what is the model type, you can easily get your pontoon fender installed by professionals. We also leave you with no further chances of damage when you count on us for pontoon fender installation and supply.

Hamilton Island Pontoon Fenders

Attached are photos of some of the numerous marina berths we have completed on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. All are in closed cell foam with various coloured chaffing covers.

Hamilton Island marina exclusively recommend ProFender SuperFender as their preferred fender system.

Sanctuary Cove Pontoon Fenders

SuperFenders with carpet chaffing covers fitted at Sanctuary Cove.

12.0 meter Superior pontoon fitted with closed cell SuperFender and carpet chaffing covers to protect a 50 foot vessel.